Seven Breaths is a Melbourne based fashion label that draws on global street graffiti to create its designs. Using street graffiti gives the clothes a unique and original look. The graffiti slogan, which can be political, humourous, weird or politcal illustrates the personality of the wearer.
Graffiti images from around the world have been photographed and in some cases exhibited, Cities like Berlin, Hamburg, Rome, Buenos Aires and Barcelona feature in some of the clothing designs.

What makes seven breaths clothing unique is the graffiti images that is featured on the clothes. Graffiti is a reference to a point in time, it captures a mood or moment in time of the graffiti author. Graffiti is a temporary communication from the author due to the elements and indeed, local government efforts to clean it up. As such, the graffiti is only available for a limited time to be captured and preserved forever. This creates images which are unique and in turn creates the same effect for the clothes.
So add a conversation piece to your wardrobe and wear clothes that express who you are.

Why seven breaths?
In the words of the ancients, one should make his decisions within the space of seven breaths. Lord Takanobu said, "If discrimination is long, it will spoil." Lord Naoshige said, "When matters are done leisurely, seven out of ten will turn out badly. A warrior is a person who does things quickly." When your mind is going hither and thither, discrimination will never be brought to a conclusion. With an intense, fresh and undelaying spirit, one will make his judgments within the space of seven breaths. It is a matter of being determined and having the spirit to break right through to the other side.
- Hagakure, Tsunetomo Yamamoto